K3 Leisure Electric Tricycle

Motor: 48V800W
Max Speed: 35KM/H
Climbing: 20° Gradient
Loading Capacity: 250KG
Dimension: 2080X720X1100mm


K3 is a classic electric tricycle model, with 2 rows seat, can be ridden and taken by 2-3 persons. Rear seat of this e-trike can be folded into a cargo lorry. Thus, this model is suitable for family use like daily purchasing or kids taking care by old people or housewives. Speed can be set up according to customers' requirement.


Motor 48V800W
Controller 12 tubes 48V/60V
Light High Light
Meter LED Meter Screen
Front Wheel 300mm×10cm Aluminum Alloy Rim
Rear Wheel 300mm×10cm Aluminum Alloy Rim
Front Tire 300mm×10cm Tubeless
Rear Tire 300mm×10cm Tubeless
Brake Drum Brake
Fork Hydraulic Suspension Fork
Dimension 2080X720X1100mm
Max Speed 35KM/H
Climbing 20° Gradient
Loading Capacity 250KG

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