E1 Leisure Electric Tricycle

Motor: 48V500W
Max Speed: 35KM/H
Climbing: 20° Gradient
Loading Capacity: 250KG
Dimension: 1550X690X1010mm


G1 is a classic electric tricycle model, with 2 rows seat, can be ridden and taken by 2-3 persons. By installing a set of bracket, G1 is available to add a canopy and a windshield glass. Even possible for a optional transparent plastic rain-proof covering all over this e-trick's body. So this is especially hot sale model in rainy season and wet area. Except the front baseket, there is also designed a large rear basket for daily use. Speed can be set up according to customers' requirement.


Motor 48V500W
Controller 12 tubes 48V/60V
Light High Light
Meter LED Meter Screen
Front Wheel 300mm×8cm Aluminum Alloy Rim
Rear Wheel 300mm×8cm Aluminum Alloy Rim
Front Tire 300mm×8cm Tubeless
Rear Tire 300mm×8cm Tubeless
Brake Drum Brake
Fork Hydraulic Suspension Fork
Dimension 1550X690X1010mm
Max Speed 35KM/H
Climbing 20° Gradient
Loading Capacity 250KG

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