China International Bicycle Fair Opened in Shanghai



On May 5th, the 2021 China International Bicycle Fair kicked off in Shanghai. This exhibition is sponsored by the China Bicycle Association, with 1,000+ exhibitors, 6,000 booths, and a total exhibition occupies about 135,000 square meters. According to a person in charge of the China Bicycle Association, since last year, due to the international Covid-19 epidemic, the demand for public transportation products has greatly increased, lead to a result that export orders of China’s bicycle industry has a significant growth. At present, the annual production plan of certain enterprises has been fully arranged, and some enterprises have already received export orders for the next year. The industry has strong export stamina.


This year is the 30th year of China Cycle. After 30 years’ development, the China Cycle has grown from a spare parts  activity/Expo over 200 square meters to an international bicycle exhibition with more than 100,000 square meters area and strong industry influence.  


During the exhibition, a number of special events were also held at the same time, such as the 30th anniversary theme of the China Cycle, bicycle electric racing championship, on-site negotiation/signing activities for Chinese and foreign business groups, etc. The organizer stated that they will continue to provide plenty of diverse and complete display for exhibitors and visitors as well as platforms of communication services。


At the Expo, we saw that the organizer has set up awards to encourage enterprises with innovative achievements and their new products with higher technology. Such as DAHANG's triple-folding lithium e-bike, NECO's drive and power generation integrated motor and integrated bottom motor for electric mountain bike, KINESIS’ aluminum alloy lithium suspension electric mountain bike frame,chains and chain wheel launched by KMC for lithium battery e-bikes, and so on. 


The organizer also opened an electric bicycle trial area outside pavilions for visitors better riding experience on new electric products. It can be seen that, although, global epidemic has not subsided, the technology content of this China Cycle has not diminished yet. Especially the lithium products become area which participated enterprises are vigorously promoting and investing on R&D. In addition to awarded brands and new products, products of other companies such as MARUSHI's lithium battery babysitter e-bike and OYAMA's lithium folding e-bike are very popular. This also illustrates the continuous growth trend of lithium battery electric bicycle products in the international market.


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