Mini bus

This model is a smart choice for both daily use and tourism renting. In fact we accepted many orders from China domestic clients who have business in tourism sights. Many oversea customers from tourism country love this electric vehicle as well. For family use, it is suitable for daily purchasing and also elderly people transport.It takes 3 at least persons with a sunlight canopy. An plastic transparent rain-proof can by customized covering all this vehicle body.

Motor 60V800W
Controller 18 tubes 60V
Light Double LED High Lights
Meter LCD Meter Screen
Suspension Front and Rear 4 wheels suspesion
Front Wheel 16 Inches Aluminum Alloy Rim
Rear Wheel 16 Inches Aluminum Alloy Rim
Front Tire 16 Inches Tubeless
Rear Tire 16 Inches Tubeless
Brake Drum Brake/Disc Brake
Dimension 2150X950X1650mm
Max Speed 25KM/H
Climbing 25° Gradient
Loading Capacity 500KG

   a5560ba1db81d2cbe662dc74b8c2f9a (1).jpg  狮程观光008 (1).jpg 

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